What We Believe

We believe that Quantum Dots (QD’s) provide the route to addressing challenges like Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). 

Our objective is to increase the productivity and engagement of people in industries and locations as diverse as healthcare, education, defence, design, and architecture to the general office workplace and at home.

Our Product : The Nano-Lit Smart Diffuser 

Our use of Quantum Dot (QD) technology and innovative patents combined with our intimate knowledge of industrial design has created the Nano-Lit Smart Diffuser™.  

  • Our Smart Diffuser is a lighting fixture that utilizes the rich optics of Quantum Dot technology to provide the highest possible quality light. 

  • Our Smart Diffuser responds in real time to changing atmospheric conditions and delivers light that imitates the shifting colour temperature and intensity of sunlight. 

  • We are trialling the Smart Diffuser on a major scale.

Nano-Lit’s Smart Diffuser™ uses Quantum Dots, LEDs, and has been developed so it can retrofit a light’s existing fixture and housing infrastructure. 

This Quantum Dot upgrade reduces energy consumption, improves indoor lighting and shifts light throughout the day to emulate the sun’s solar cycle, synching with a person’s natural circadian rhythm. 

Additionally, the light can be programmed to mimic the sun’s movement from any location on earth, promoting focus, better sleep, mental well-being, and one’s overall physical health, while mitigating many of the negative side effects of sun deprivation.

The Nano-Lit prototyping and research Laboratory

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We are working with the City of Vancouver to retrofit 21 fire stations and 4 police stations with our human centric Smart Diffuser technology. In such environments there is shift work and high levels of stress.

Nano-Lit will be monitoring users physiological response (particularly the stress hormone Cortisol) to further understand the health benefits of our lighting for shift workers in stressful environments.

We are working with the City of Vancouver due to its progressive mandate encapsulated in its Greenest City Action Plan to become the greenest city in North America by 2020. Nano-Lit’s investment in that vision centres around people and creating Human Centric Lighting (HCL) solutions promoting better lives.