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How Quantum Dot lighting works

Quantum Dots

Quantum dots are very small semiconductor particles, only several nanometres in size, so small that their optical and electronic properties differ from those of larger LED particles.


We use them in lights.

Why do we use them?

Because they can emulate sunlight.

Quantum dots can be precisely controlled and programmed - boosting accuracy by 30%. They emit rich, saturated colours which is how the dots are able to mimic real sunlight. For context, it’s possible to fit 10,000 quantum dots into the width of a single strand of human hair. 

Why does it matter?

Because it makes you, and your employees, feel better.

The connection between sleep quality and concentration is obvious for most of us. Waking up from a refreshing night’s rest has a recharging effect that’s better than caffeine and makes us feel superhuman. Circadian lighting plays a crucial role in regulating our sleep pattern and quality, affecting overall productivity, energy and mood levels.

Feel Better