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Human centric lighting is something that’s become more of a phenomenon over the last few years. Why?

“A few years earlier, researchers had shown that the circadian rhythms of mutant mice lacking rods and cones responded to light, suggesting that what meets the eye results in more than just images formed in the brain. Somewhere, a mysterious photoreceptor was responsible for the circadian system ‘seeing the light’, said David Berson, a neuroscientist at Brown University who helped identify the new photoreceptors and their preference for blue-spectrum light.” 

This article by Lynne Peeples goes in depth about how and why human centric lighting is beneficial in the workplace.

From explaining what it is to testimonials and pilot projects around the United States (and NASA themselves), there’s a thorough breakdown of it all. 

But to simplify it, what is the difference between LED lighting and Human Centric Lighting?

LED Lighting

LED Lighting is created by a chemical compound. Instead of just one colour variant, there are several colours on the spectrum that have to be mixed in, creating the desired effect. 

Think of it as Bob Ross’ing. A classic Bob Ross maneuver is to start his happy little trees off by adding Thano White, a bit of Dark Sienna, and maybe some Yellow Hue to finish it off. 

That’s what LED lighting needs - a bit of blue, a bit of white, all mixed together to create the lighting used in offices today. 

Human Centric Lighting

Human-centric lighting, on the other hand, is different. At Nano-Lit Technologies, for example, we use quantum dot technology. 

Creating light using quantum dot technology doesn’t need a variance of colours mixed together to create a product. Rather, it goes along the spectrum until it finds the colour needed and stops there. 

Think of it of Walter White and his meth. Instead of using hazy product that got them by, Heisenberg ensured that each batch made was the purest, clearest shade of blue, allowing consumers to enjoy the full experience. 

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