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Let’s say you work in an office and your employees are complaining about the lighting – headaches, eye strain and oh, that flickering! – pretty soon they’re out the door for an extended lunch. You finally see the light … for the damage it does. So you decide it’s time to do something about it. What are your options?

Well, at the top of the Google list, you’ll come across LEDs – names like Cree, Glamox and AcuityBrands. You can buy new LED fixtures or get an LED T8 or T12 kit to retrofit your existing bulbs. The LEDs will minimize light loss and reduce electricity costs. That’s nice – but it’s not enough.

Then you might hear about HCL – Human Centric Lighting. Companies like Helvar and Glamox. These are products that take into account things like biorhythms and the need for lighting to imitate outdoor, natural light. 

But wait, there’s more… There’s quantum dot technology – programmable lighting technology that reproduces natural daylight. And what about retrofits. HCL sounds good, but will you have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to replace all the fixtures? 

Does the lighting have automatic sunrise/sunset functionality and, of course, specific office applications?

So much to think about – kinda makes you lightheaded, doesn’t it?

The Nano-Lit Solution

With all the criteria to choose a better lighting system for your office, it’s easier to decide when you consider what Nano-Lit offers. Nano-Lit is the only option that covers all the bases. 

It uses quantum dot technology to create Human Centric Lighting, it can be easily retrofit to fluorescent office fixtures and it includes sunrise/sunset functions. And all of it can be controlled electronically. 

And did we mention …. Nano-Lit technology also reduces energy consumption and has been shown to improve health and well-being.

Don’t struggle with choices when everything you need for better office lighting is in one spot. 


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Nano-Lit Technologies offers human-centric tunable lighting via the rich optics of Quantum Dots. Our commercial lights serve the fields of work, education, transportation and health.