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Updated: Jan 28, 2019

Are you blue?

Next time you’re at work, the bank, school or public space, take a look in a mirror. Chances are, there’s a blue tint in the room from traditional fluorescent fixtures.

Besides spoiling the effect of make-up, the type of lighting we’ve been accustomed to dealing with has been undermining our lives physically, emotionally and mentally. Electric lighting simply doesn’t take into account the biological needs of humans.

When we were hunter-gatherers, we couldn’t walk into our caves and flick a light switch. We rose along with the sun and tailored our activities throughout the day, according to sunlight. Humans evolved under the natural hues of sunlight, which still remains a major influence on us.

So when we work in locations that do not reflect natural light, our bodies rebel.

We struggle to sleep well, we aren’t as mentally sharp, and we aren’t as productive. Anyone who’s had a sleepless night can understand the next day’s mental fog. In the business world, that translates into lost revenue from absenteeism, an increase in errors and even a lack of motivation.

Blue, indeed.

The Nano-Lit Solution

In Great Britain, there’s an expression: Light the blue paper. It’s a reference to the little blue paper attached to the end of a firework that you light to set off. It usually means that you’re starting something big, maybe something a little disruptive.

For Nano-Lit, that expression should be “Light the blue light.” Nano-Lit has already started something big when it comes to changing those blue fluorescents.

It has created Smart Diffuser™ Lightbar to retrofit existing fluorescent lights.

It’s already underway for 2019, retrofits will be applicable to downlights. By 2020, it will bring new standalone fixtures to the business market (offices, hospitals, warehouses) and by 2021, it will hit the consumer market.

Nano-Lit is ensuring the future is not blue.

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