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The dictionary definition of ‘entrepreneur’ classifies it as a person who organizes a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so. 

But the entrepreneurs that Startup Canada recognizes and celebrates are much more than that. Startup Canada revels in innovation, positive change, and enhancing entrepreneurial momentum on the Canadian scene. 

2018 Startup Canada Awards: Vancouver

The 2018 Startup Canada awards started its National Tour across Canada in Winnipeg, making its way to the Imperial Theatre in Vancouver on May 30th. 

Well organized, elegant, and thoroughly executed, the event sailed by, showcasing Vancouver’s finest and upcoming entrepreneurs. 

From Jill Earthy & Keith Ippel being lively, entertaining hosts throughout the night and Colin Weston starting off the night with an inspiring speech about diversity. 

“Talk to someone that doesn’t look like you or that you don’t know. It creates a cultural collision. It creates conversation and creates new ideas. Have a conversation. You’ll be amazed at what will happen”, said Weston, looking out into the crowd. 

The Vancouver Winners

While there is no denying that every entrepreneur in the Vancouver area can be considered a winner, the people who were recognized that night deserved each and every bit of their award. 

Varying from young Brady Lumsden winning BC’s Young Entrepreneur Award, to Alex Greenhill’s Woman Entrepreneur Of The Year Award and Article’s win of BC’s Entrepreneur Of The Year and many more, each participant was dedicated to focusing on positive change in the innovation industry. 

Other notable award recipients include Hans Peter Meyer, Melanie Ewan, Katrina Carroll-Foster, Paul Brassard, Paulina Cameron, Ian Crosby, Toni Desrosiers, Trulioo, and Hyperlight Systems. 

It was a night of excitement, influence, inspiration, and there’s nowhere we’d have rather been to celebrate our peers accomplishments. 

A giant congratulations to everyone, and best wishes for continued success in the future.

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