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As humanity becomes aware of how being green impacts our environment and in turn, our health, more effects are being made to further help our planet. 

How does this affect the lighting market? A study done by Orbis research done on the Global LED lighting market shows that “the major growth drivers for the LED lighting market are phasing out of incandescent bulbs in many countries, supportive government policies and energy efficiency.” 

When it comes to focusing specifically on energy efficiency lighting, studies have shown that there is an increase in demand when it comes to reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. 

Reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions go hand-in-hand. 

How Nano-Lit Fits In

Nano-Lit Technologies, Ready to Rocket listed and Creative Destruction Labs company, comes into the lighting industry with an emphasis on energy reduction and a number of health benefits. 

Nano-Lit has a potential 60% reduction in energy consumption, helping reduce costs and at the same time creating a healthier environment. 

While Vancouver is on its way to becoming the greenest city by 2020, the city emphasizes strategic lighting that is beneficial - which is where Nano-Lit steps in.

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