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Imagine having your office environment designed with you in mind. What a concept! Unfortunately, office buildings, factories, hospitals, warehouses and other work environments typically have the same standard blue-spectrum fluorescent tubes we’ve all come to know and hate. 

Most people who work under those lights intuitively know they are not good for their health. Because they don’t parallel the natural changing light outside, these fluorescents mess with our biorhythms and that impacts everything from sleep to moods.

This is what the market is used to. Why? Because people couldn’t measure, in real dollar value, the impact of doing anything else. Until now.

Now there is a growing realization that Human Centric Lighting (HCL) is actually making a positive difference in health and performance – and it can be measured. Focus, memory and concentration are just three examples of abilities that are negatively impacted by traditional lighting. 

Improved lighting actually reverses that trend and yields a positive impact of almost US$15 billion in our workplaces.

Sounds unbelievable? Don’t take my word for it. You can read it all in Lighting Europe’s comprehensive Quantified benefits of Human Centric Lighting.

The Nano-Lit Solution

Nano-Lit understands the need for a human-centric approach and is at the forefront of the doing-something-about-it wave, responding to this market need.

Because natural daylight changes throughout the day, it has to be duplicated inside a building if we’re to keep our biological clock functioning properly. 

Using quantum dot technology, Nano-Lit has created special diffusers that can be retrofitted to existing light fixtures. The new lighting, which can be controlled with a smartphone, simulates daylight, so circadian rhythms can be matched and maintained. 

That means our bodies function more naturally, we’re less tired, focus better and become more productive. 

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