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How many people do you think work in office buildings, hospitals, warehouses or other places that have those blue-coloured fluorescent tubes? A few, right? Maybe a few million?

In Canada, there are more than 18 million employed people. If even half of them are regularly working in offices that use that type of lighting, that’s about nine million people who are working in unhealthy lighting conditions.

And what’s the impact of working under those lights? Millions of dollars lost due to illnesses, fatigue, lack of focus and negative moods that affect people’s work. Not to mention the eye strain of working on computers or doing other tasks in poorly lit conditions.

Now multiply that by countries around the world and you’re talking billions of dollars flying out the window because we haven’t been paying attention to the importance of lighting in our workplaces.

The Nano-Lit Solution

Well, some of us have been paying attention, and the solution is human-centric lighting (HCL) – lighting that actually takes into account human biorhythms and changes during the day to imitate natural light.

This type of environment has been proven to reduce worker fatigue and mistakes, increase attention and improve people’s sleep habits. Workers feel better without even knowing why they feel better.

Nano-Lit is using cutting-edge quantum dot technology to retrofit fluorescent fixtures to attain that natural lighting effect. The types of work environments this can impact include industrial, educational, office, medical, residential care and residential homes. 

In North America, the potential available market based on all the lighting in these types of buildings is a whopping $100 billion.

Did you know there are about 1.3 billion fluorescent lights being used at any given time in North America? That’s a lot of blue light hitting people in the face. Now consider, about 11 per cent of these have to be changed every year. That’s 143 million fixtures. Are we just going to put the same lights back in? What’s the point of that?

Even if LED technology is used, that still doesn’t address the need for variable light conditions. Nano-Lit’s technology will disrupt this self-destructive pattern, one million blue light bulbs at a time

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