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When hearing the words Creative Destruction Lab, does your mind immediately go to that scene in This Means War where Reese Witherspoon is smashing test products and having the time of her life?

Because mine does. 

If not that, then an adult version of Wreck This Journal. 

Either way, Creative Destruction Labs is a little more advanced. It’s a seed-stage program for science based companies on a gigantic scale. The goal of Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) is to maximize its potential, and use mentorship to increase equity and creation. 

The History Behind CDL

Launched in 2012, CDL originated in Toronto as a support system for 25 science-based startups. 

Since then, CDL has expanded to locations in Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, Halifax, and New York City. Best suited for startup companies that are affiliated with research, CDL helps by providing assistance, advice, and support. 

The 2018 CDL Conference

This year, on June 6th and 7th, people will be converging in Toronto at the Rotum School of Management for the CDL Super Session. 

Everyone who is a part of the program - mentors, researchers, scientists, entrepreneurs, and more will be there to share their expertise and innovations.

There will be keynote speakers, including Vinod Khosla and Chris Hadfield. Participants will get to indulge in firsthand experiences brought to life by these speakers and others. 

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