What We Do

We design and create Smart Lights that significantly reduce energy consumption, and improve health and well-being in humans and the environment.

Our objective is to increase the productivity and engagement of people in industries and locations as diverse as government, off-shore, general office workplace, and healthcare.

More importantly, by increasing productivity and human well-being through improved light quality, we can increase an enterprise’s profitability.

Our Product


The Smart Diffuser™ lighting retrofit:

  • Is a Human Centric Lighting invention that tunes white lighting for office environments.
  • Is a stand alone product.
  • Significantly reduces energy consumption.
  • Utilizes the rich optics of Quantum Dot technology to provide the highest possible quality of light.
  • Shifts light temperature in response to real time changes - from 2700K to 7000K.
  • Uses a sensor system to capture real time data from the user and the room.
  • Has a proprietary phone application that links to the Smart Diffuser™ via Bluetooth for user control.

The Nano-Lit prototyping and research laboratory.