Modern lighting is convenient and incredible (cheers 🍻 Edison!) but it doesn’t replicate daylight well enough to be healthy for people’s unevolved eyes. Step into the light.

Quantum Dot Circadian Lighting is Modern Human Wellness

Quantum dot circadian lighting mimics the highly saturated colours of sunlight, syncing the room’s indoor lighting, with the natural hues from sunlight throughout the day.

Bringing sunlight indoors enhances the quality of life for people of all ages, making them healthier and happier, with zero lifestyle changes.

Our circadian lights take 15 minute to install

Our circadian lights take 15 minute to install

Enhancing human quality of life, one quantum dot at a time

The connection between sleep quality and concentration is obvious. Waking up from a refreshing night’s rest has a recharging effect that’s better than caffeine and makes us feel superhuman. Circadian lighting plays a crucial role in regulating our sleeping, in turn affecting overall productivity, energy and mood levels.

Mental wellness

Improved concentration

Faster reaction times

Fewer lapses in attention

Lower levels of depression

Improves mood of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) sufferers (kinda like this)

Social motivation


Positive feelings of happiness!

Physical wellness

Boost immune system

Healthy sleep and wake schedule

Restful, quality sleep

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