BC Tech Summit

Nano-Lit, Ready to Rocket listed and Creative Destruction Labs company, is one of the current leading forms of technology in the modern age. Using quantum dot technology, it focuses on providing human centric lighting. 

The quantum dot technology creates a varied colour spectrum, which in turn allows vast improvement in areas such as productivity, circadian rhythm patterns, and mood elevation. Which is why it’s called human centric lighting - the focus is on you.

That’s why when the BC Tech Summit rolled into Vancouver, it was the perfect match. 

BC Tech Summit 

The BC Tech Summit is the largest technology conference in Western Canada. It showcases British Columbia’s vibrant tech and innovation sectors. 

Delivered by the Government of British Columbia and the BC Innovation Council, the event was held over a period of three days, May 14th to 16th. The three days involved keynotes, speakers, interactive sessions, and an investment showcase.

From stretching boundaries on current technology to exploring new, unknown realms that could potentially change everyones lives forever, the summit brought together an amalgamation of like minded thinkers. 

Why Does It Matter?

The emergence of new technology has become more prevalent, especially in the last few years. 

“In the activity I’ll call basic science, we very-recent humans have learned to ask questions of Nature and find out how she does things. Once we understand how nature does things, then this information becomes a resource for a second activity, variously called technology,” states NPR in this article

To put it simply, science is being used to create millions of new opportunities. Technology is being used and created for every purpose imaginable in the modern age, making a shift to artificial intelligence and circadian rhythm synchronization to better suit human needs. 

So if you put even a handful of those great thinkers in a room together, the possibilities are endless.