The future is not blue

Are you blue? No, really. Next time you’re at work or the bank or a school or hospital or wherever, take a look in a mirror. Chances are, there’s a blue tint in the room coming from traditional fluorescent fixtures.

Besides spoiling the effect of make-up, the type of lighting we’ve been used to dealing with has been undermining our lives in more important ways. Broadly, it simply doesn’t take into account biological needs of humans.

If you think about it, when we were all hunter-gatherers, we didn’t walk into our caves and flick a light switch. We rose with the sun and tailored our activities through the day according to the light. We became used to the variation of lighting, and that still remains a major influence in our lives.

So when we work in locations that do not reflect natural light, our bodies rebel. We don’t sleep well, we have reduced cognitive functioning, we can’t focus or concentrate. In the business world, that translates into lost revenue from absenteeism, an increase in errors, fatigue and even lack of motivation; definitely something that would but us in a blue mood.

The Nano-Lit Solution

In Great Britain, there’s an expression: Light the blue paper. It’s a reference to the little blue paper attached to the end of a firework that you light to set off. It usually means that you’re starting something big, maybe something a little disruptive.

For Nano-Lit, that expression should be “Light the blue light.” Nano-Lit has already started something big when it comes to changing those blue fluorescents.

It has created Smart Diffuser™ Lightbar to retrofit existing fluorescent lights

It’s already underway for 2019, retrofits will be applicable to downlights. By 2020, it will bring new standalone fixtures to the business market (offices, hospitals, warehouses) and by 2021, it will hit the consumer market.

Can you see it: a chicken in every pot and a Nano-Lit fixture in every room.

Nano-Lit is ensuring the future is not blue.

Here’s something you should lose sleep over

Ah, to sleep, perchance to dream. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? But it seems everyone is so busy today – busy working, busy taking kids to school, busy trying to fit in another 15 minutes of checking email, another 20 minutes of exercise into a day, or even a week. We keep bouncing from one thing to another like a human pinball. 

What suffers in all the busy-ness is our sleep, as we try to squeeze in an extra hour of doing “something important” at the beginning or end of the day. 

Most people know that without a full night’s sleep, it’s harder to concentrate or make decisions, you might even get cranky and short-tempered, but there are a lot of other even more serious impacts lack of sleep has.

For one thing, it’s harder for your brain to form new memories, so any new experiences, any new information that enters your brain has no staying power; that’s why it might seem like you’re overly forgetful. Lack of sleep has also been linked to Alzheimer’s disease, problems in male reproductive systems, hyperactivity, as well as various forms of cancer. 

The Nano-Lit Solution

Because we spend 90% of our time indoors, our bio rhythms and sleep patterns are deeply affected by the kind of light we’re under – normally the blue-spectrum fluorescent tubes. What our bodies really need is lighting that simulates the outdoors – the changing light of day – to match our circadian rhythms.  

Nano-Lit has created this exact technology, allowing standard fluorescent lights to be retrofit with a diffuser that causes the bulb to simulate daylight – changing in colour and intensity throughout the day. The result is an environment optimized for focus, efficiency and circadian rhythm maintenance, resulting in improved health, increased productivity and better sleep patterns. 

Connecting the dots to better health

When’s the last time you went outside and the sky was the same colour and brightness the entire day. OK, yes, maybe in Dawson City in the middle of a summer night when the sun doesn’t really set. Pretty freaky that. 

But for most of us, natural daylight shifts hour to hour and that has to be duplicated inside a building if we’re to keep our biological clock functioning properly. 

Unfortunately, current technology is badly outdated. Office lighting is often that blue-spectrum fluorescent fixture that hasn’t changed in decades. And even if you’re lucky enough to have a warmer tint to your light, it still doesn’t change like sunlight throughout the day.

That messes with our internal clocks and causes issues like trouble falling asleep, lack of focus, bad moods, memory loss, health concerns … do I really have to go on?

The Nano-Lit Solution

What the body actually needs is a Human Centric Lighting (HCL), which includes the needs of actual humans in the design of lighting. Nano-Lit does this with cutting edge quantum dot technology. 

Have you ever seen a quantum dot nanoparticle magnified? It’s like a big ball of Styrofoam covered in colourful wrinkled crepe paper. It looks like it might be huge, but 10,000 of them can fit in the width of a human hair.

So what’s the big deal with these nanoparticles? They can reproduce natural light and be programmed to shift that light during the day.

They’re made of a special material that gets “excited” by light or electricity (yeah, not that kind of excited). When that happens, they emit colours that are truer and can imitate natural light better than anything that’s currently on the market, like LED technology. Best of all, Nano-Lit can retrofit fluorescent lighting with a diffuser made up of these quantum dot particles.

The result is lighting that doesn’t mess with our biorhythms, leading to better health, performance and well-being. 

How to be smart about lighting

Are you at your best all day? Do you have the same focus and discipline early morning as you do in the late afternoon. Nope? Well, neither do I. 

What about sleeping with the lights on? How does that work out for you? Nothing like showing up to work in the morning, starting off the day in an irritable mood.

In natural environments our bodies experience constantly changing light conditions. That variation throughout the day helps maintain our mood and is directly connected to our productivity level. Without it, well, we’re out of sync and we experience compromised health, headaches, lack of focus, sleep disruptions, memory loss – you name it.  

In fact, in 2007, the International Agency for Research on Cancer, which is part of the World Health Organization, classified shift work with circadian disruption as a probable human carcinogen. That’s right – working in an environment where the lighting doesn’t match what your body’s natural needs might cause cancer! 

And businesses wonder why they have expensive medical claims, chronic absenteeism and high turnover rates.

The Nano-Lit Solution

Since we know that natural light changes throughout the day, there’s no way a single light source could possibly reproduce daylight. It might reproduce daylight accurately for a short period each day, but for effective duplication, you have to be able to have the light change gradually all day long.

Nano-Lit addresses this with its Smart DiffuserTM that can be retrofit on current fluorescent lighting. It sidesteps the need for expensive installations; it’s super eco-friendly, matching LEDs in efficiency; and it uses quantum dot technology, which is at the cutting edge of industry standards for reproducing natural light.

In fact, no other product combines the retrofit ability, human-centric variation in lighting and quantum dots technology. The result is an increase in productivity, decrease in health claims and turnover rates and a happier, healthier staff.

How to overcome the office blues

Imagine having your office environment designed with you in mind. What a concept! Unfortunately, office buildings, factories, hospitals, warehouses and other work environments typically have the same standard blue-spectrum fluorescent tubes we’ve all come to know and hate. 

Most people who work under those lights intuitively know they are not good for their health. Because they don’t parallel the natural changing light outside, these fluorescents mess with our biorhythms and that impacts everything from sleep to moods.

This is what the market is used to. Why? Because people couldn’t measure, in real dollar value, the impact of doing anything else. Until now.

Now there is a growing realization that Human Centric Lighting (HCL) is actually making a positive difference in health and performance – and it can be measured. Focus, memory and concentration are just three examples of abilities that are negatively impacted by traditional lighting. 

Improved lighting actually reverses that trend and yields a positive impact of almost US$15 billion in our workplaces.

Sounds unbelievable? Don’t take my word for it. You can read it all in Lighting Europe’s comprehensive Quantified benefits of Human Centric Lighting.

The Nano-Lit Solution

Nano-Lit understands the need for a human-centric approach and is at the forefront of the doing-something-about-it wave, responding to this market need.

Because natural daylight changes throughout the day, it has to be duplicated inside a building if we’re to keep our biological clock functioning properly. 

Using quantum dot technology, Nano-Lit has created special diffusers that can be retrofitted to existing light fixtures. The new lighting, which can be controlled with a smartphone, simulates daylight, so circadian rhythms can be matched and maintained. 

That means our bodies function more naturally, we’re less tired, focus better and become more productive. 

The light choice

Let’s say you work in an office and your employees are complaining about the lighting – headaches, eye strain and oh, that flickering! – pretty soon they’re out the door for an extended lunch. You finally see the light … for the damage it does. So you decide it’s time to do something about it. What are your options?

Well, at the top of the Google list, you’ll come across LEDs – names like Cree, Glamox and AcuityBrands. You can buy new LED fixtures or get an LED T8 or T12 kit to retrofit your existing bulbs. The LEDs will minimize light loss and reduce electricity costs. That’s nice – but it’s not enough.

Then you might hear about HCL – Human Centric Lighting. Companies like Helvar and Glamox. These are products that take into account things like biorhythms and the need for lighting to imitate outdoor, natural light. 

But wait, there’s more… There’s quantum dot technology – programmable lighting technology that reproduces natural daylight. And what about retrofits. HCL sounds good, but will you have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to replace all the fixtures? 

Does the lighting have automatic sunrise/sunset functionality and, of course, specific office applications?

So much to think about – kinda makes you lightheaded, doesn’t it?

The Nano-Lit Solution

With all the criteria to choose a better lighting system for your office, it’s easier to decide when you consider what Nano-Lit offers. Nano-Lit is the only option that covers all the bases. 

It uses quantum dot technology to create Human Centric Lighting, it can be easily retrofit to fluorescent office fixtures and it includes sunrise/sunset functions. And all of it can be controlled electronically. 

And did we mention …. Nano-Lit technology also reduces energy consumption and has been shown to improve health and well-being.

Don’t struggle with choices when everything you need for better office lighting is in one spot. 

Feel like a million and save a billion

How many people do you think work in office buildings, hospitals, warehouses or other places that have those blue-coloured fluorescent tubes? A few, right? Maybe a few million?

In Canada, there are more than 18 million employed people. If even half of them are regularly working in offices that use that type of lighting, that’s about nine million people who are working in unhealthy lighting conditions.

And what’s the impact of working under those lights? Millions of dollars lost due to illnesses, fatigue, lack of focus and negative moods that affect people’s work. Not to mention the eye strain of working on computers or doing other tasks in poorly lit conditions.

Now multiply that by countries around the world and you’re talking billions of dollars flying out the window because we haven’t been paying attention to the importance of lighting in our workplaces.

The Nano-Lit Solution

Well, some of us have been paying attention, and the solution is human-centric lighting (HCL) – lighting that actually takes into account human biorhythms and changes during the day to imitate natural light.

This type of environment has been proven to reduce worker fatigue and mistakes, increase attention and improve people’s sleep habits. Workers feel better without even knowing why they feel better.

Nano-Lit is using cutting-edge quantum dot technology to retrofit fluorescent fixtures to attain that natural lighting effect. The types of work environments this can impact include industrial, educational, office, medical, residential care and residential homes. 

In North America, the potential available market based on all the lighting in these types of buildings is a whopping $100 billion.

Did you know there are about 1.3 billion fluorescent lights being used at any given time in North America? That’s a lot of blue light hitting people in the face. Now consider, about 11 per cent of these have to be changed every year. That’s 143 million fixtures. Are we just going to put the same lights back in? What’s the point of that?

Even if LED technology is used, that still doesn’t address the need for variable light conditions. Nano-Lit’s technology will disrupt this self-destructive pattern, one million blue light bulbs at a time