Sunlight on demand.

The future of lighting.


Our vision is to create lighting products that enhance our environment and support healthy living – i.e. sunlight on demand.

As designers, we see light as a material, something that can be formed and moulded and cut… and that sometime soon, we will use light, the same way we use plastic, wood, metal or glass. Our quantum dot technology, paired with knowledge of industrial design provide us the expertise to bring a range of novel technology-based products, to market on our journey to this bright future.

Future Applications

  • Light Deprived (Extreme) Environments

    Nano-Lit’s Smart Diffuser uses Quantum Dots, LEDs, and has been developed so it can retrofit a light’s existing fixture and housing infrastructure. This Quantum Dot upgrade reduces energy consumption, improves indoor lighting and shifts light throughout the day to emulate the sun’s solar cycle, synching with a person’s natural circadian rhythm. Additionally, the light can be programmed to mimic the sun’s movement of any location on earth, promoting focus, better sleep, mental well-being, and one’s overall physical health, while mitigating many of the negative side effects of sun deprivation.

  • Office

    Today’s top performing companies understand the importance of creating a cohesive work environment that fosters health and collaboration. Pioneers in this space have experimented with how lighting that emulates the sun’s shift in colour and light throughout the day can be used to promote health and increase the performance of employees and students. Early studies show the benefits of circadian-based lighting on performance and both mental and physical health.

  • Automotive

    Shift workers who operate machinery are required to follow strict safety guidelines. To combat fatigue and its dangerous effects for vehicle operators, Nano-Lit has developed a glass substrate lighting system that can be manufactured at scale, to both communicate and tune light wavelengths for improved human functioning. This new lighting system promotes improved awareness and decreases the average response time, mitigating the potential for accidents and fatalities.

  • Retail

    The retail industry is experiencing a major shift in consumer behaviour. The ease of online shopping and a booming e-commerce industry mean bricks and mortar stores are having to offer more value and a better in-store experience to compete and remain relevant. This means crafting an in-store customer experience that more accurately reflects the values of the business at hand. This trend––paired with an ever-increasing focus on holistic health and well-being––make quantum dot lighting a better option over LEDs, as they are highly tunable, can mimic the sun’s natural cycle and cover more of the light and colour spectrum.

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Sunlight on demand.

Creating products that enhance our environment and support healthy living.


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